The Client
Sitting Comfortably Pet Care is a full-service house and petting sitting provider.
The Problem
Prior to engaging Blue Symphony, the website was not responsive and was, consequently, challenging to use on contemporary devices such as iPads and mobile phones. Website features were limited, and therefore, the company managed clients via paper and offline Word and pdf documents.

The company wanted a contemporary, user-friendly website to which their non-technical staff could make simple content updates. They also wanted to reduce paper files and simplify the client intake and management process.
The Solution
Blue Symphony conducted a gap analysis and crafted a proposal to redesign the website and to leverage the website to help streamline daily business processes such as setting up client profiles and organizing employee assignments.

Research and preparation included vetting commercial off the shelf content management systems, client management software, and services as well as a cost/benefit analysis of building custom software.

The chosen solution was a hybrid integrating a responsive website design, an established content management system, and a custom built client management application with multiple layers of security. This integrated solution aligned with the company’s immediate needs while incorporating scalability so that the system can evolve and grow as the company evolves and grows.
The Results
Website usage doubled. Fifty percent of the website access is via mobile device. The company’s clients use the website to maintain their own profiles, reducing paper files and eliminating duplicate data entry. The company managers use the system to disseminate assignments.

Sitting Comfortably Pet Care