You’ve Invested in the Site, Now Learn How to Use It

Website/CMS User Manuals and Training

Blue Symphony develops websites and content management systems (CMSs) designed to streamline your business operations and make your life easier. However, those high-efficiency sites don’t do much good if you don’t know how to use them. To ensure you get the most out of your website, Blue Symphony provides user manuals and also offers website/CMS training.
Website/CMS User Manuals
Each CMS site developed by Blue Symphony includes an online user manual. Our manuals provide all the information you need to make your website sing. They’re easy to follow; include step-by-step screen shots; and are completely searchable.

Don’t like to read on your computer monitor? No problem. Blue Symphony also offers bound copies of the user manual.

Don’t like to read at all? Consider scheduling a website/CMS training class.
Website/CMS Training

Blue Symphony offers multiple modes of training to suit your needs.

  • In-person training – Offered on-site to one or more users. Training can be hands-on (if everyone has a computer) or lecture style. Training sessions typically last four hours and are broken out into one-hour sessions.
  • Webinars – Ideal for users at multiple locations. This mode of training is available only as a lecture. Webinars can be recorded and played back at a later date. A typical webinar lasts one hour.
  • On-demand training – Self-paced video modules. Similar to webinars, however, on-demand training provides a hands-on experience. Since users are required to interact with the video/software, they become familiar with the workings of the website more quickly.

Not sure which mode of training is right for you? Keep in mind that in-person sessions and live webinars give users an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification. On the other hand, recorded webinars and on-demand training modules are ideal for getting new hires and new users up to speed. All website/CMS training is customized to your specific needs and website capabilities. The mode of training is up to you.

Training for Non-Blue Symphony Systems and Website
Blue Symphony is happy to develop website/CMS training programs and user manuals for any Web-based system … even ones we didn’t create. So, if your site has you confused, don’t waste another minute trying to figure it out. Get help from Blue Symphony at (816) 260-8385.