Website Designs: Responsive, Visually Appealing, and Intuitive

Website Design

The design of your website encompasses more than the way the site looks. It includes a visual aspect, a technical aspect, and a responsive aspect:

Visual design

Involves your color palette; the images on the site; the font style; the layout; basically, everything associated with graphic design.

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Technical design

Involves the functionality of the visual design. For example, the technical design determines how the navigation bar works.

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Responsive design

Involves how your site looks and functions on various screen sizes.

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Visual Design


If you already have a visual design for your website, Blue Symphony can use your design and simply add the functionality. Maybe you’ve seen a website or template that you like. Blue Symphony Technical can adapt that design and customize it to your needs. If you don’t have a visual design, we can design it for you. Our team of graphic designers incorporates your existing brand to reflect your company’s personality.


Technical Design


Websites developed by Blue Symphony are user-friendly and intuitive. Objects on the page function as expected, thereby creating a satisfying user experience. Happy users become happy customers.


Responsive Website Design


All websites developed by Blue Symphony are responsive, making them mobile-friendly. Responsive designs adjust to the size of the screen, so it’s easier for users to read and interact with your site on small devices (such as mobile phones and tablets). Why is that important? In 2015, time spent on mobile devices surpassed that of desktops and laptops. Mobile phones and tablets account for about a 36% share of Internet activities worldwide. In the U.S., that percentage is even higher. As mobile usage continues to grow, businesses need to be able to reach their customers on whichever device the customer is using. Sites by Blue Symphony do just that.