Blue Symphony launched a full-fledged campaign to support Mental Health for the City of Kansas City’s Health Department. The effort is to address the Mental Health crisis in the community.

According to the White House (2022)

“Our country faces an unprecedented mental health crisis among people of all ages. Two out of five adults report symptoms of anxiety or depression. And, Black and Brown communities are disproportionately undertreated – even as their burden of mental illness has continued to rise. Even before the pandemic, rates of depression and anxiety were inching higher. But the grief, trauma, and physical isolation of the last two years have driven Americans to a breaking point.”

Blue Symphony launched innovative activities, including educational panels, celebrity guest features, mental health forums, videos and more. One feature creation we developed were the Mental Health Support cards, sometimes referred to as “coping cards”. These cards filled in a gap in mental health information that could be distributed by the health department. More importantly, the cards serve as a durable, handy tool which can be easily inserted into a wallet or purse. Those experiencing Anger, Anxiety or Depression can use the card for support and quick coping tips. As a printed and folded reference, recipients don’t require Wi-Fi or any digital support, so it works well for broad support. Resources are also provided from 988, the new crisis help line, to more. Over 10,000 cards were distributed to community centers, health partners and more and have been reported to be a great aide from the health department to other recipients. For more information and support, visit