5 Things Super Bowl Commercials Can Teach Brands About Advertising

By Toni Talley, Communications Specialist, Blue Symphony, LLC

Every year in February, the world comes together to witness one of the greatest events of all time – the Super Bowl. This year’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers united football fans from all walks of life. However, it wasn’t just the game or halftime show viewers tuned in for. The commercials are also a highlight.

Commercials are designed to make an impact on brand or sales. Below are five business lessons Super Bowl commercials can teach brands about advertising, even without the multi-million-dollar price tags:

1. Reach
First, select a platform with massive reach. The Super Bowl reached 96.4 million viewers, according to Nielsen, and his reached over 100 million in years. That reach can translate into higher brand awareness and sales. Plus, it can help extend the social media conversation beyond the actual viewing.
2. Memorable Creative
How creative you get can determine how memorable your product or service will be. Your creative can come in various forms, too. While humor is usually the popular road to take, having an emotional appeal is another great idea as well. Your creative can generate new leads and push potential buyers to do more research about your brand.
3. Storytelling and Messaging
Advertising is a great way to spread awareness on a subject. Jeep used the platform to showcase how divided the country is, while Toyota chose to cast a Paralympic gold medalist as their lead to show hope and strength.
4. Element of Surprise
Super Bowl commercials always have an element of surprise! Even Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, was surprised to see rapper, Drake, in the State Farm commercial. Another commercial that comes to mind is a Cheetos commercial featuring Ashton Kutcher and rapper, Shaggy who performed to his hit song, “It Wasn’t Me”. Surprise appearances from celebrities or reputable people can help viewers connect a product to a brand.
5. Repetition
In advertising, repeating your message aids in viewer retention. However, you can switch it up with variations of the same commercial. For example, Paramount had several versions that ran throughout the Super Bowl as celebrities proceeded up a mountain and Rocket Mortgage ran multiple angles of their ad.

The Super Bowl will always be a day to debut some of the best commercials and it serves as an example of creating breakthrough advertising. If a brand can choose the right platform, make use of a memorable creative, add great storytelling, have an element of surprise, and apply repetition, the brand will be in a fantastic position to leave a lasting impression. Need a hand with your advertising? Contact Blue Symphony at info@bluesymphony.com.