Data Modeling in Today's "Now" Market

Real World Just-in-Time Approach

Real World Methods

What is your methodology? Agile? RAD? Waterfall? "It's complicated"? We adapt the modeling process to your project methodology delivering as much or as little as is needed within the specified scope and timeframe.

We understand data modeling does not occur in a vacuum. We adjust to timelines, resource availability and other real world constraints.

Real World Models

We’ve found that the closer the model is to the real world objects it's trying to emulate, the more durable and scalable it is, meaning it can better absorb the unknowns that always lurk just beyond reach during project planning and discovery phases. The models we develop won’t have to be scrapped and restarted from scratch when that inevitable “Oh, we just found out...” moment happens.

Decades of Experience

We bring decades of experience to your project. We’ve worked in a wide range of industries such as insurance, social services, transportation, health & beauty, entertainment, community service, civic, automotive, religion, city planning, and more.

Because we’ve modeled many subject areas many times, we can often bring additional insight and considerations helping you to avoid some “gotchas” that would otherwise have required rework.

Multiple Perspectives

Our Senior Data Architects started as programmers, acquiring developer certifications along the way. We’ve kept our programming skills current and have also served as business analysts as well. These additional skill sets give us atypical perspective and insight when we're working with both your business and technical experts.

Quick Reviews and Long-Term Projects

We understand that, while you need an Enterprise Data Model or some other specific data modeling expertise, your organization may not currently have the need for a full-time on-site data architect team. We can perform ad hoc as-needed services. Maybe your team has created a data model and you want us to review it and provide recommendations. Maybe you want us to capture your EDM and your team will take it from there. Maybe you have an EDM and you'd like to call us when it needs an update.

Blue Symphony will provide as much or as little help as you need and only when you need it.

Pick and choose what you need:

  • Existing design assessment
  • Model review
  • EDM built in phases
  • On-call data steward
  • Modeler training for developers, DBAs
  • Short-term help
  • Long-term on-call services